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    Circular Salt Domes have the  perfect shape for bulk storage. Circular walls enable you to store the maximum amount of material in the minimum amount of space. Even in smaller Domes, the center height is over 25 feet. The exceptionally high, clear span buildings make loading and unloading fast and easy.

    Our dome-style structures are specially designed and engineered to store salt or sand. We use special glue, wood and hardware to resist salt corrosion. Our base walls are 12” thick, reinforced poured in place concrete, which are durable and long lasting.

    Simply put,

    Our Dome is easier to use, costs less to build, and lasts longer.


    Our Dome creates a low-profile look that blends into any environment. Our gently sloping roofline presents a less visible image so our Dome actually looks small outside. In many urban areas our Domes are preferred because of a better aesthetic appearance.


    Dome-NoDoorsAs the capacity chart on our Specifications page shows, we can store from 150 tons to 8,000 tons of salt. Domes have 15’ minimum door widths. Door heights can be up to 30’. Our domes use less space in your maintenance yard. As an example, to store up to 150 tons requires only 367 square feet! Perfect for a tight site.


    Click Here for Detail View and Dome Specifications.








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Dome-Style Structures