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    The addition to our storage building line, our ‘New England Wing Truss’ Structure offers expanded storage flexibility in an aesthetically pleasing design. Depending on the size of the desired unit, hundreds to thousands of tons of salt or sand can be stored under roof, protected from nature’s wrath.

    Storage capacity can be augmented by external ‘lean-to’ sheltered storage areas for such things as landscape materials, mulch, aggregates, cold patch, or vehicles and equipment. Other available options include break-resistant windows, leak-proof skylights, multiple entrances, and more. Our buildings can be further customized by adding cupolas, windows, shutters, and sliding doors.

Barn1-Click to Zoom InThe STOREMORE’s distinctive building design has been especially developed for salt/sand storage. This storage structure will resolve problems with space constraints, poor soil conditions, environmental contamination, or uneven sites. It utilizes tested and proven materials that resist salt corrosion and minimize the chances for loader damage.

    The concrete base walls are 12 inches thick and 10 feet tall. Using epoxy-coated rebar and special sealers, our walls have been designed to be maintenance free. Walls can be used to push against for loading and will resist direct contact by loaders. Our concrete base walls are far superior to wood base walls. The leech-proof footing design minimizes ground water contamination.

Grove CityThe center aisle is up to 30’ tall for easy inside loading and dumping.

Solid plywood roof decking easily adapts to any type of roofing material. Your STOREMORE can be expanded at any time to meet increased needs.

 30' Door Height

Bulk Storage Inc. specializes in providing effective, affordable storage solutions. Our trained design staff will analyze your storage requirements and site conditions.

We lead our industry with construction techniques that focus on safe salt storage. Our goal is to supply quality, low maintenance, low cost, attractive and functional buildings.