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28101 SOUTH  YATES AVE  BEECHER, ILLINOIS  60401 PHONE: 708.946.9595  FAX: 708. 946.7898

About Us

Why Choose Bulk Storage Inc.?...

    For more than a 20 years, Bulk Storage Inc. has been providing cost-effective storage solutions to hundreds of roads & highway departments, and municipalities across the country from Arkansas to Alaska.

    More and more engineering firms, heads of public works, streets and sanitation managers and township road commissioners are all seeing the inherent wisdom of incorporating Bulk Storage Inc. structures into their salt management programs.

    Because they effectively store sand and salt out of reach of harsh weather… because they resolve the sensitive issue of ground water contamination and storm water runoff… and because they are more affordable buildings.

    These practical structures are the #1 choice for cost-conscious governments who need to stretch their budgets and provide quality service.


    Our popular dome structures offer tremendous flexibility, both in terms of storage capacities and affordability.

    With units ranging in size from 25 feet to 100 feet in diameter.

    Road departments of virtually any size will find the appropriate unit that will ideally suit their storage needs.

    The unique self-supporting design of our salt/sand domes allows loaders to move in, out and around freely, unencumbered by internal support columns.

    Precision manufactured prefabricated modules help to make our domes fast and efficient to assemble.

    Usually, from the time an order is placed with us, most domes are completed and ready for service within 60 to 90 days.


    For a more conventional appearing style, our aesthetically designed New England Wing Truss structure offers expanded storage flexibility.

    Not only can anywhere from hundreds to thousands of tons of salt or sand be stored under roof, depending on the size of the desired unit…

    Storage capacity can be augmented by ‘lean-to’ covered storage areas, for landscape materials, aggregates, cold patch, or vehicles and equipment. Other available options include decorative windows, multiple entrances, roll-up doors, and more.


Our Fabric Style roof uses the same proven wall design with a less costly membrane roofing system. Our high quality reinforced concrete wall are poured in place and our walls are designed to be permanent. Loading equipment can utilize the wall to be pushed against and never worry about moving or sliding.

Bulk Storage Inc. has developed a solution to the increasing problem of environmental violations. Our personal concrete walls are specially designed to eliminate ground water contamination. Our footing walls will not allow salt to migrate into the ground water.

Our roof truss and fabric is equal or better then any other available product. Our roof uses a "True Arch" which is much stronger and lasts longer then a gable style truss.